Perk Up Founder Tony Chua
Tony Ng Chua, co-founder of PERK UP

Invented by Accident,
Proven by Science.

Back in 2015, our company, Wonderzyme Inc., was actively researching and developing an all-natural dietary supplement to prevent hyperacidity. During one of our tests, the liquid drops were mixed with water and consumed before drinking alcohol (which is a common trigger of hyperacidity).

To our surprise, not only did it prevent hyperacidity, it also prevented the symptoms of a hangover! So, our team of chemists and nutritionists spent another year perfecting the product, but this time, specifically as a hangover cure (a pioneer in the Philippine market). We tested all its active ingredients and plant enzymes, verifying all its benefits and effects. We then added vital nutrients, minerals, electrolytes and anti-oxidants to boost its efficacy, and tested the best way to use the product for best results.

By the end of 2018, we finally received Philippine FDA approval and other certifications supporting the safety and efficacy of PERK UP. Now, we are ready to spread the good news to all! Hello, PERK UP. Goodbye, Hangover!

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